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Crystal Skin™ | Blackhead vacuum cleaner


 Removes impurities for a radiant complexion

 Deeply purifies the pores of the skin

 Fights acne effectively

 Permanently eliminates blackheads

 Painless and does not damage the skin

 Respect sensitive skin



  Specially designed to eliminate the acne problems and sebum excess, the                  homogeneous  suction offer a complete extraction of impurities for smooth            and clean skin.



  Crystal Skin™ technology removes blackheads and impurities with unparalleled        ease, all without harming or irritating the skin.

  It softens and smoothes fine facial line for softer, more dynamic skin in a single      use, compared to 5 sessions withe a beautician!



 Recommended by dermatologists, this first hygienic ans easy-to-use tool allows you   to   choose between 3 levels of intensity for increased efficiency, wich will give your   skin the radiance and shine you deserve.


  For an optimal experience we recommend a serie of 4 simple steps:

    1. Spray warm water or apply a warm damp towel to your face for 5-10 minutes.              This will dilate your pores and allow impurities to drain more easily.

    2. Select the level of intensitybest suited to your skin ans your sensivity. We advise            you to always start with level 1 and the gradualy increase the suction.

    3. Slide the vacuum cleaner over the skin in a continuous motion, without staying            more than 3 seconds at the same place.

    4. Your skin will be soft and free of excess sebum. The product penetrates the                  pores efficiently, and for a better action use prolonged hold.



  Visible and immediate results in 60 seconds

  Adaptable and reusable nozzles

  Enought autonomy to carry out 17 facial care